Behind the scene...

My name is Te'Amber and I am the proud owner and creative force behind Kahjae' Nuri Candle Co. I wanted to take a moment to share with you the story behind my candles and the inspiration that drives me everyday. My love for candles began when I became a mother, watching the soft glow and mesmerizing dance of flames. It was during those moments I realized the power of scent and light to create a soothing and comforting ambiance. I turned this vibe into a small candle business, determined to bring that same enchantment into peoples lives.

Make it make scents...

Each candle that is created at Kahjae' Nuri Candle Co is a reflection of my commitment to quality craftsmanship and exquisite fragrances. I pour my heart and soul into every step of the process, from selecting the finest ingredients to carefully hand pouring each candle with precision and care.

If not you... Then who?

Self care serves as my endless source of inspiration. Whether its the 5 minutes you have in the morning getting dressed and simply looking in the mirror saying that you are ENOUGH, or the 10 minutes you have sitting in driveway after work listening to your favorite song before the kids start tapping on the window, lol put YOU first. Great things come when you pour into yourself mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally!

To My lighthouses...

Thank you for being a part of my candle journey. Your support allows me to continue doing what I love.

Warmest Wishes,


Founder, Kahjae Nuri Candle Co